Essential pleating machine for fabric shrinkage and elegance

Update:29 Sep 2020

Folding machine, crimper and pleating machine are widel […]

Folding machine, crimper and pleating machine are widely used in textile industry. The super high speed platform type folding and sewing machine is one of the folding machine, crimping machine and pleating machine. The series of small square head type sewing machines are derived from a variety of varieties, can be equipped with various accessories to complete multi-function sewing, and are widely used in various knitting sewing materials, such as Sweatshirt pants, T-Shirts, men and women underwear, knitting ancient clothes, etc., which is a necessary sewing equipment for large sewing workshop.


The press, crimper and pleating machine adopt forced oil return assembly at the needle rod to effectively control the measurement of needle rod mechanism and eliminate the signs of oil leakage. High and low silicon oil assembly, avoid needle fever and broken wire. Single needle folding machine, crimper and pleating machine are one of the folding machines, crimpers and pleats. They can sew two color stitches formed by two kinds of color sewing on the common fabric, and have the same appearance as braids. The sewing eyes are beautiful and generous. Its size and thickness can be adjusted to a large scale, with good decoration. The layout is simple, controlled and convenient for food and maintenance. Use: suitable for thin or medium thickness decoration sewing.

For example: Women's old clothes top, skirt, children's wear, cushion, hood, etc. If the luxurious concave convex and convex flower shape with the change of the shrink and the density distance, the heat shaped fabric greatly increases the elasticity and three-dimensional sense. The shrinking pattern is more elegant and novel, and can be used to manufacture the best man shirt, skirt, decoration towel, cover cloth, etc.

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