Embroidery machine is a pen and ink on the cloth to draw embroidery

Update:05 Aug 2019

The computer embroidery we are studying here is embroid […]

The computer embroidery we are studying here is embroidered with embroidery machines. The embroidery design needs imagination and certain meaning. Each embroidery is produced by professional art design and handed over to professional pattern makers for professional embroidery. The process of software plate making and plate making is a process of artistic creation. What kind of stitching method is used, and how the changes in the brightness of each part are all completed in this part. After the plate making, the flower version is recorded into the embroidery machine for trial version. According to the trial embroidery, the pattern maker repeatedly refines and modifies the color stitching method to achieve a more perfect embroidery effect. Usually, the completion of a flower version requires three trials to finally meet the customer. Traditional embroidery is often a very boring job, which is time consuming and expensive. From a practical point of view, we have to use machines for embroidery. Only a large amount of production can make everyone buy embroidery at a reasonable price. , used to use.

Hand-embroidered may also be hired in specialized factories, but such embroidery is not something that we can afford. It is an art of adding people's design and production to any existing fabric with needles and threads. Embroidery is a true form of art. The painter uses brushes, sculpts home clay, sculpts household metals, and woodcuts to express their pursuit of beauty. Embroidery can also express people's aesthetic tastes just like them. However, embroidery is a comprehensive art. At the beginning, people use the most basic fabrics, combined with their woven textures, to embroider. Later, anything that can be passed through the needle and thread can be used for embroidery. Embroidery is an art that recreates on already woven fabrics, but it is more than just needlework and color. It creates a new look, an art that uses fabrics, colors, and a variety of stitches that have a certain shape and meaning.

Embroidery can be used to create tapestries, laces, drawings, themes, stories, etc. with lines, cuts and printed fabrics. Hand embroidery is the use of needles and threads to "paint" and tell stories on fabrics. Its basic element is the stitching method. Like painting, embroidery reflects people's customs, culture, and psychology.

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