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Update:14 Dec 2018

Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery" is a techniq […]

Embroidery, commonly known as "embroidery" is a technique for puncturing embroidery threads into various patterns and colors on the already processed fabrics by needles and needles according to design requirements.

Color embroidery refers to the embroidery technique of making various patterns with various colored embroidery threads. It has the characteristics of embroidered flat clothes, rich stitching, fine stitches and vivid colors. It is widely used in clothing accessories. The color change of the color embroidery is also very rich. It uses the line to write the pen, through the overlapping, juxtaposition and interlacing of a variety of colored embroidery threads to produce a sleek color effect. In particular, the trocar method is used to express the subtle changes in the color of the pattern. The color is deep and harmonious, and the rendering effect of Chinese painting is achieved.

The main feature of the stalk embroidery is to use the thicker thread to make the bottom or use the cotton bottom to make the pattern bulge, and then embroider with the embroidery thread. Generally, the flat embroidery needle method is adopted. The inlaid embroidered pattern is elegant and elegant, with a three-dimensional sense and strong decoration. It is also called high embroidery. In Suzhou embroidery, it is called convex embroidery. The stalk embroidery is suitable for embroidering the smaller pattern of the block surface and the narrow-wing flower, such as chrysanthemum, plum, etc, usually embroidered with a single line.

Embroidery embroidery, also known as the floor embroidery, is an embroidery method with certain difficulty and effect. Its biggest feature is that during the embroidering process, the holes are cut according to the pattern, and a variety of pattern combinations are embroidered in different ways in the cut holes, so that the embroidered surface has both free and elegant field flowers, and Ling The beautiful scenery of the empty space, the real and the real, full of fun. The embroidery is elegant and refined.

Appliqué Embroidery, also known as applique embroidery, is an embroidery form that sews other fabrics on the clothing. The stitching of Chinese Su embroidery is also in this category. The embroidering method is to cut the decal cloth according to the pattern requirement, and stick it on the embroidered surface, or to pad cotton and the like between the decal cloth and the embroidered surface to make the pattern bulge and have a three-dimensional effect. After sticking it, use a variety of stitches to lock the edges. The appliqué embroidering method is simple, the pattern is mainly block-shaped, and the style is unique and generous.

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