Embroidery lace technique

Update:24 Nov 2018

Embroidery lace is embroidered. It has been gradually d […]

Embroidery lace is embroidered. It has been gradually developed by the crafts of various countries in the world during a long period of time. Embroidery lace can be divided into two types: machine embroidery lace and hand embroidery lace. Machine embroidery lace is a large-scale production developed on the basis of hand-embroidered lace. Lace variety.

China's embroidery art has a long history and plays an important role in national traditional handicrafts. Hand-embroidered lace is a traditional hand-made technique in China. The production efficiency is low, and the embroidery pattern is often prone to unevenness. The embroidery will also be uneven. However, the pattern is too complicated, the color is more, and the long lace is not hand-made, and the hand-embroidered lace is more three-dimensional than the machine embroidery. In China, hand embroidery has a long history, in addition to the well-known Chinese four embroidered embroidered embroidery, Xiang embroidery, silk embroidery, Yue embroidery, as well as Han embroidery, Lu embroidery, hair embroidery, cash embroidery, Qin embroidery, Li embroidery, Shen embroidery, As well as excellent skills such as ethnic embroidery, we will introduce them in the following chapters. Here we mainly talk about embroidery lace.

The machine embroidery lace is embroidered by an automatic embroidery machine, that is, a stripe pattern is obtained on the grey cloth under the control of the jacquard mechanism, and the production efficiency is high. Fabrics of various raw materials can be used as machine-embroidered fabrics, but most of them are thin fabrics, especially cotton and rayon fabrics. There are two types of small machine embroidery and large machine embroidery, and the most common embroidery is large. The large embroidered lace has an effective embroidery length of 13.7 meters (15 yards) and is embroidered on a 13.5 meter long fabric, which can be made into full-width embroidery or cut into lace strips. According to different requirements, different embroidered base fabrics can be used to produce different lace types, such as water-soluble lace, mesh lace, pure cotton edge, polyester cotton edge and all kinds of tulle strip lace. The pattern can be adjusted as needed. 2bw.Megx machine embroidered water-soluble lace is a large category of embroidered lace. It uses water-soluble non-woven fabric as the base fabric, and uses viscose filament as the embroidery thread. It is rusted on the base fabric by computer embroidery machine and then passed through hot water. The treatment dissolves the water-soluble nonwoven base fabric, leaving a three-dimensional lace. It can be made into strips and special shapes according to the requirements of use. The latter is widely used in the decoration of garment collars and bras. The embroidery machine is equipped with a multi-color automatic color selection and color changing device, which can be used for monochrome machine embroidery or multi-color machine embroidery. Generally, the flower back can be up to 650mm, and the width of the lace is more than 10mm. There are many kinds of embroidery patterns, embroidered and exquisite and beautiful, uniform and uniform, the image is realistic, rich in artistic sense and three-dimensional. At present, China's machine embroidery production areas are mainly concentrated in Shandong, Guangdong and Zhejiang Xiaoshao. Machine embroidery has high production efficiency and low cost, and has been promoted by most manufacturers.

After a long period of development, more and more types of embroidery lace, special embroidery lace, polyester-cotton contiguous lace, tape embroidery, strip embroidery lace, water-soluble embroidery, printed embroidery lace, spray embroidery lace, hollow embroidery lace, Color embroidery lace, gold and silver lace, segment dyed embroidery lace, tie dye embroidery lace, applique embroidery lace, side embroidery lace, beaded lace, etc.

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