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Update:26 Jan 2019

China's embroidery process has been thousands of years […]

China's embroidery process has been thousands of years old, and embroidery has always been a handmade product before the first hand-embroidery machine appeared. Computerized embroidery machine is a kind of high-automatic, high-efficiency mechatronic embroidery equipment with the development of electronic computer and precision machinery and application on computer sewing machine. Different embroidery processes can produce different effects. For the different requirements of the embroidery process, there are many kinds of computer embroidery machines with different specifications.

At present, there are four kinds of embroidery equipments such as single-head computer embroidery machine, multi-head computer embroidery machine, towel embroidery and shuttle embroidery. The single-head embroidery machine is usually a single-head multi-needle machine. This device is small and flexible, and is suitable for embroidery sample production and small-volume embroidery production. The multi-head multi-needle computer embroidery machine is the most frequently used embroidery equipment in the embroidery market. It is more common with 18 heads and 20 heads. The number of stitches is 9 stitches and 12 stitches. The number of stitches is used to determine the color of the embroidery pattern. How many.

Towel embroidery is a mechanical embroidery method developed on the basis of hand-stitched embroidery. The biggest difference from ordinary embroidery is that the needle is hollow, and the loop is formed by the friction between the fabric and the yarn, so that the embroidered pattern has Very good three-dimensional. Shuttle embroidery is used to produce embroidery for various laces and fabrics such as embroidered water-soluble cloth, gauze cloth and cotton cloth.

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