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Update:11 May 2020

Embroidery sewing machine guide Embroidery sewing machi […]

Embroidery sewing machine guide

Embroidery sewing machine can add beauty and theme details to anything you sew. The amount you will invest in an embroidery sewing machine has become a huge variable, with prices ranging from US $ 300 to US $ 8,000, depending on the machine options, the software purchased for the design of the embroidery sewing machine and the size of the embroidery machine can sew line.

Embroidery sewing machine
Some embroidery sewing machines are "embroidered only" machines. These sewing machines are specially used for machine embroidery. They do not perform the work of conventional sewing machines.

Other embroidery sewing machines found on the high-end market provide sewing machines that can accomplish all tasks. They usually have a movable embroidery unit, so the machine can meet any sewing needs.

As always, your local sewing machine dealer will be your best source of training. It is wise to always suggest what you are looking for before shopping.

What is a circular embroidery sewing machine?
The embroidery sewing machine is supplied with a hoop fixed to the embroidery sewing machine. Hoop Place the fabric into the embroidery sewing machine hoop. Stability and tightness are important; unlike hand embroidery, the fabric must remain in the same position when embroidering patterns on the sewing machine. If the fabric moves, the design will not be sewn correctly. The border is not aligned with the rest of the design, which is a common symptom of fabric movement.The easiest way to think of a hoop is when the embroidery sewing machine sews a pattern, the hoop acts as a presser foot.

What is a stabilizer?
The darning foot used by the embroidery sewing machine is not actually pressed against the fabric, and there is no feed dog under the fabric to fix it in place. When the embroidery sewing machine is in operation, the stabilizer will "harden" the fabric to make it tight and work with the appropriate hoop.

What do stabilizers do?
There are various stabilizers with various purposes and uses. Some are used under the fabric you want to embroider; others are used on the top; raising fabrics such as terry cloth need to use stabilizers on the top to maintain a nap and prevent the fabric ring from piercing the embroidery design. Water solubility and heat resistance are commonly used as surface stabilizers. Water-solubility will dissolve in water, and the heat will become ashes with the heat of iron. Either way will leave no trace of stabilizer, but will lower the fabric to complete the work.

What is digitization?
Digitization is the process of taking an image using software specifically for an embroidery sewing machine and converting it into a language that the embroidery sewing machine can understand. After the image is digitized, the embroidery sewing machine knows how to sew the image. Unless you have used computer graphics and patiently learned all the complicated processes of machine embroidery digitization, digitization is not a simple process.

What is free movement embroidery?
Free movement embroidery is an art. It does not require embroidery sewing machine. You can create your own design and use the sewing machine to draw and fill in the design freehand. Feed the dog and use darn feet. The challenge is to synchronize the hands with the sewing machine to form a uniform stitch. Now, some companies provide stitch adjusters to make free-motion embroidery easier.

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