Basic Selection Function of Lejia Computerized Embroidery Machine

Update:04 Aug 2016

Lejia high speed embroidery machine can reasonable  com […]

Lejia high speed embroidery machine can reasonable  combine with sequin device, easy cording device, easy chenille device and beads device that makes the perfect combination with speed and embroidery quality.

1. sequins embroidery machine

newspic-001 newspic-002

Sequins devices can be installed as side, front, side 15° and sade 20°,ect to make different sequins embroidery with single, double or twin sequins. It makes the embroidery more colorful and acctractive.


2 Beads embroidery machine

newspic-004 newspic-003

It works with glass beads for embroidery instead of manual embroidery with beads with improvement of  work efficency and it also makes the artistic features of beads embroidery that is more brilliant, colorful and stereoscopic.



3 Chenille embroidery machine

newspic-006 newspic-005


Chenille embroidery is totally different with lock stitches and has a better sense of 3D , it's going to be widely used in children garments, home decoration, ladies shoes and cap industries. 



 Our products can be customized according to customers' requirements.


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