Computerized embroidery machine process

Update:07 Apr 2020

Computer embroidery machine process, computer embroider […]

Computer embroidery machine process, computer embroidery machine is widely used in custom workwear industry. Almost as long as it is a company's custom workwear, it must be added with a company logo, logo or text, so computer embroidery is definitely the best choice!

Computer embroidery machine is also called "logo embroidery" in the workwear custom-made industry, which is more intuitive and clearer! Embroidery is a technique that uses needle thread to puncture according to the design requirements on the already processed fabric, and organizes the embroidery thread into various patterns and colors by moving the needle. When customizing work clothes, embroidery is divided into 'piece embroidery' and 'ready-made embroidery'. What is 'piece embroidery', as the name implies, is that after the clothing fabric is cut into pieces, the piece that needs to be embroidered is taken to the embroidery machine for embroidery, and 'ready-made embroidery' means that the clothes are already finished and embroidered on the embroidery machine 'Ready-made embroidery' is very limited, for example, large clothes are not suitable for 'ready-made embroidery', 'made-up embroidery' is more accurate than 'piece embroidery'! Therefore, Jun Dian Garment reminds the customers of custom-made overalls that they must request ‘piece embroidery’.

The computerized embroidery machine can be called the ‘tallness’ in the embroidery process, but there are also many requirements for the logo. For example, your logo should not be too complicated, the colors should not be too rich, and there should be no gradient colors. The technical requirements for embroidery are: smooth, uniform, flat, uniform and clean. Straight refers to a straight line and a smooth curve; Qi refers to the neat traces of the pointer, with no uneven edges; flat refers to the accurate gestures, the embroidered surface is uniform, and the threads are not skewed; uniform refers to the same distance of the pointer, no bottom, no overlap; It means the embroidered surface is smooth and free from stains such as ink. Jundian Garment adopts advanced imported embroidery machines to ensure the quality of each customer's logo embroidery.

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