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Update:19 Apr 2019

Computer embroidery special embroidery knowledge: hollo […]

Computer embroidery special embroidery knowledge: hollowing embroidery, also known as carving embroidery, digging embroidery, is an embroidery needle method with higher difficulty in computerized embroidery. The embroidered person who digs out the embroidery must have more skilled skills and embroider one side. The fabric will be cut out of the hollows required for various patterns, and the different patterns will be woven regularly in the cut-out cavity to make these carvings When the empty embroidery is placed, it can reveal the true color of the object, which is exquisite and clear. Because it involves the relationship between labor and use, generally only a small amount of embellishment, not for large-scale use.

Hunting edge embroidery: In fact, it is no different from ordinary flat embroidery. Only after the completion of the processing of computer embroidery, the handyman in the back road, after heating with electric iron, burns in the place where the hole is needed, which is similar to the effect of the carved hole. The hunting edge embroidery is more common in the collar flower. And the fabric used must be a fabric with chemical fiber properties, which is suitable for hunting. Pure cotton fabric is only suitable for carved holes and is not suitable for hunting and embroidering.

Engraving hole embroidery: It is a tool such as a computerized embroidery machine, such as a hole-cutting knife or a hole-punching needle. After embroidering the hole in the embroidery machine, it is embroidered into the side of the bag. The embroidery hole is quite beautiful.

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