Computer embroidery machine: new growth point needs more precision stability

Update:16 Nov 2018

The process of the embroidery machine from the initial […]

The process of the embroidery machine from the initial simple industrial sewing machine to the current electromechanical integration of high-tech products is a process of continuous improvement and continuous innovation. It can be seen from the large-scale international exhibitions that in recent years, the variety and technology of computer embroidery machines at home and abroad have been developing faster and faster, the quality level is getting higher and higher, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Computer embroidery machines in Japan, Germany and South Korea will pose a certain threat to the development of computer embroidery machines in China. How to position the Chinese computer embroidery machine industry, how to seize the opportunities of development and shorten the gap with the international level has become a major issue we are currently facing. In order to maintain the competitiveness of the products, most embroidery machine companies have chosen to participate in the trade fairs, exhibitions and technology fairs of embroidery machines at home and abroad, and go out to understand the development trend of similar products.

It is very interesting that in recent years, large and small textile machinery exhibitions and sewing equipment exhibitions held in Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, etc. have evolved into domestic and foreign embroidery machines. The stage of competition, its development momentum and charm have drawn the status of computer embroidery machines from the marginalized products of Chinese sewing equipment to the center stage. Some customers also asked to visit the factory and purchase more requirements for not participating in the machine. Through the exhibition, Fuyi not only harvested the orders, but also collected the most comprehensive and timely market information through learning and communication with the peers.
Five or six years ago, when customers at home and abroad purchased computerized embroidery machines, there were no more than six brands to choose from in the market. Now, when clothing companies purchase embroidery machines, they will encounter two problems at the same time. : First, choose an imported embroidery machine, or a domestic embroidery machine? Second, is the domestic embroidery machine selected from the north, or is it produced in the south? Especially when participating in the exhibition, facing the entire exhibition hall, the embroidery machine products are called People don't know how to choose? The ultimate purchaser may often buy a brand that he is more familiar with.

There are many brands of embroidery machines that make it impossible for buyers to start. From the known brands of domestic embroidery machines: Damei (Northern Birds) and Qingdao Eagle Wheel in the north; Raomei, Fuyi, Tianhong, Aoyu, and exhibition art in the south; Yongxin in Fujian; Shanghai has work , standards, Finnish; Zhangjiagang has KONE, etc., not to mention Zhejiang, especially in Taizhou, Dongyang, Zhuji and other places in Zhejiang has become an important and concentrated manufacturing base of Chinese embroidery machines, becoming the pillar industry of local industry. .

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