Computer embroidery machine main function performance

Update:03 Apr 2020

The main functions and performances of computer embroid […]

The main functions and performances of computer embroidery are determined by the number of heads, the head distance, the number of stitches, the stroke of the embroidery frame in the X and Y directions, and the electronic control system. The number of heads is the number of heads working simultaneously during embroidery, which determines the efficiency of computer embroidery; the head distance is the distance between two adjacent heads, which determines the size and cost of a single embroidery or loop of computer embroidery ; The number of stitches is the number of single stitches installed on each head of computer embroidery. It determines the maximum number of color changes and the color of the embroidery during computer embroidery. The maximum stroke in the X and Y directions of the frame determines the computer embroidery. The size of the embroidery embroidery; electrical control system, the current domestic computer embroidery electronic control operating system. Different manufacturers correspond to different quality, service and professional computer embroidery devices.

Embroidery, also known as embroidery, has been divided into two categories as far as we are concerned with the advancement and development of science and technology. The first category is handmade embroidery (traditional embroidery). "Daming embroidery" as a representative. The second category is machine embroidery (modern technology embroidery). Computer embroidery is mainly used for embroidery. Literally, I think everyone should understand that computer embroidery, embroidery machines, or embroidery machinery.

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