Computer embroidery machine features in the pattern

Update:30 Nov 2018

The reason why the computerized embroidery machine can […]

The reason why the computerized embroidery machine can display many advantages in the application is that it is very optimized in terms of structure, and because it has many features in the pattern. This article will introduce you to the features of the device in terms of patterns.

Rich patterns: The patterns of the computerized embroidery machine are stored inside the equipment, and then the corresponding patterns are embroidered according to actual needs during application. As far as the patterns stored in the device are concerned, the types of patterns stored therein are very rich. And with the rich variety of patterns, it can meet more embroidery requirements in the application.

The pattern is high in appearance: the pattern design made by the computer, if it is a real flower pattern, can guarantee a high degree of simulation, and can also display a high degree of beauty under various scale adjustments. In short, the device has the characteristics of high aesthetics in terms of patterns.

Proper proportion of the pattern: The pattern embroidered in the fabric is usually not the same size as the real flower, so it will need to be adjusted according to the scale. The pattern of the computerized embroidery machine can guarantee the aesthetics of the embroidery in a very suitable proportion.

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