Computer embroidery machine embroidery technology production essentials

Update:08 Dec 2018

1. Single-head embroidery machine Engraved hole embroid […]

1. Single-head embroidery machine
Engraved hole embroidery, also known as hollow embroidery, is an embroidery method with certain difficulty and effect. Use a flat needle to take the hole stitch, usually the needle length is set to 0.5mm. The most important feature of the carved hole embroidery is that during the embroidering process, the holes are trimmed according to the pattern, and a variety of pattern combinations are embroidered in different ways in the cut holes.
There are two ways to play the carved hole: if the carved hole is old-fashioned, it is not flush with the embroidery needle, it needs to be offset when playing the plate, offset by about 6cm; if the carved hole is directly installed on the embroidery needle The position is similar to the usual play, that is, first draw a small circle with one color, then use another color to make a big circle. When embroidering, first embroider the hole with the first color, so that the cloth will be clothed. Embroidering, and then embroidering the big circle with the embroidery needle that is usually embroidered, so that the hole will be embroidered.

2. Playing software to make water-soluble embroidery experience
The water-soluble plate does not “see what you see” like the ordinary plate making. After it is finished on the machine, it has to go through a “boiled” process. This process makes the needle processing in the water-soluble plate different from the ordinary plate making. .
Water-soluble plates do not require a lot of needles, and the most common ones are the most common "flat needles" and "flat needles". The importance of “flat needles” in water-soluble plates is self-evident, and the success of a water-soluble plate depends largely on your proficiency in the use of “flat needles”. Another important factor is the artwork.
During the preparation of the water-soluble plate, do not be confused by the gap between the sample petals. The gap is caused by the tension of the embroidery thread during production and the shrinkage during boiling. Carefully outline the picture, the flat stitch between the petals and the petals is not drawn, you can visually input the distance on the artwork, saving a lot of time. This is why the transparency of the image has to be lowered before, so that it is easy to see that the artwork is lighter in the diagram. If the image is not processed, its color will be darker and it is difficult to distinguish. Where are the lines?

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