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Update:18 Feb 2020

Embroidery is commonly known as "embroidery". It is a t […]

Embroidery is commonly known as "embroidery". It is a technique that uses needle leads to puncture according to design requirements on the processed fabric, and organizes the embroidery thread into various patterns and colors by transporting the needle.

Color embroidery refers to the embroidery technique that uses a variety of colored embroidery threads to design patterns. It has the characteristics of flat embroidery, rich stitching, fine stitches, and bright colors. It is widely used in clothing accessories. The color variations of color embroidery are also very rich. It uses thread substitutes to produce flashy color effects through the overlapping, juxtaposition and interlacing of multiple color embroidery threads. In particular, the trocar and needle method is the most distinctive way to express the subtle changes in the color of the pattern. The colors are mixed in depth and have the rendering effect of Chinese painting.

The main feature of bag embroidery is to use a thicker thread as the base or cotton as the base to make the pattern bulge, and then embroider with the thread. Generally, the flat needle method is used. Bao stem embroidery pattern is beautiful and elegant, full of three-dimensional feeling, strong decorative, also known as high embroidery, in Soviet embroidery is called convex embroidery. Bao stem embroidery is suitable for embroidering small patterns and narrow-petal flowers, such as chrysanthemums and plums. Generally, it is embroidered with monochrome threads.

The eagle embroidery embroidery, also known as the floor embroidery, is a embroidery method with a certain degree of difficulty and unique effects. Its biggest feature is that during the embroidery process, holes are trimmed according to the needs of the pattern, and various pattern combinations are embroidered in different ways in the cut holes, so that the embroidery surface has both free and easy field flowers and ling. The beautiful and beautiful building is empty, contrasting with reality and full of fun. The embroidery is elegant and delicate.

Appliqué embroidery, also known as appliqué embroidery, is a form of embroidery that stitches and embroiders other fabrics on clothing. Chinese embroidery is also in this category. The embroidery method is to cut the applique cloth according to the requirements of the pattern, and paste it on the embroidery surface. You can also pad & nbsp cotton between the applique fabric and the embroidery surface to make the pattern bulge and have a three-dimensional effect. After pasting, use various stitches to lock the edges. Appliqué embroidery is simple, the pattern is mainly block surface, and the style is chic and generous.

Pin-stitch thread embroidery, also known as pan-stem embroidery or thread-stitch embroidery, is an embroidery method for embroidering various ribbons and threads on clothing or textiles according to certain patterns. There are two common methods of nailing the nails: the bright nails and the dark nails. The former stitches are exposed on the stems, and the latter are hidden in the stems. Nail-line embroidery is simple and has a long history. Its decorative style is elegant and generous. It has been widely used in kimonos in recent years.

Sequin embroidery, also known as bead embroidery, is made of hollow beads, beads, artificial gems, glitter beads, etc., and is embroidered on clothing to produce pearly and dazzling effects. It is generally used on stage performance clothing. In order to increase the beauty and appeal of clothing, it is also widely used in shoe uppers, handbags, jewelry boxes and so on.

Cross-stitch, also known as cross peach, is a traditional embroidery method widely spread in the folk. The stitch method is very simple, that is, according to the warp and weft orientation of the fabric, the diagonal cross stitches of the same size are arranged into a pattern required by the design. Because of its stitching characteristics, the cross-stitch patterns are generally concise in shape, rigorous in structure, and often present a symmetrical layout pattern. There are also realistic style patterns, mostly themes are natural flowers and plants. Cross stitch has a strong folk decoration style.

Zanxuan belt embroidery is also called flat belt embroidery, which uses the ribbon as the embroidery thread to embroider directly on the fabric. Gorgeous embroidery is shiny, soft, colorful, and the pattern is striking and three-dimensional. It is a new and unique form of kimono decoration.

Drawnwork embroidery Drawingwork embroidery is a very special category in embroidery. The method of embroidery is to draw a certain amount of warp and weft on the fabric according to the design pattern, and then use the silk left on the fabric. Regularly weaving and tying with embroidery thread, weaving through-hole eyelets, and combining them into various patterns. Embroidered surface with drawn yarn has a unique mesh effect, beautiful and delicate, clear and delicate, and highly decorative. Due to the difficulty of through-work, the drawnwork embroidery patterns are mostly simple geometric lines and block faces, which are delicately embellished in an embroidery.

Poke yarn embroidery is also called Najin, which is one of the traditional forms of embroidery. It is embroidered strictly according to the number of cells on the base material of the checkered yarn. Not only is the pattern beautiful, but it also makes rich changes with the arrangement of lines horizontal, straight, and oblique, but the empty eyes between the patterns must be aligned.

Special embroidery towel embroidery With different product requirements, the embroidery methods of towel embroidery are endless. Towel embroidery models include chain embroidery and towel embroidery embroidery methods, while towel mixers can add flat embroidery to the product to make embroidery more diverse.

Special embroidery laser embroidery Tajima took the lead in creating laser cutting and mixing in embroidery with superb technology. As long as the data on the embroidery machine is adjusted, the embroidery machine will output an appropriate amount of laser. The general application methods are engraving, surface cutting and complete cutting.

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