Computer embroidery machine embroidery needle selection

Update:06 Sep 2019

Embroidery is a key factor in embroidery. Choosing an i […]

Embroidery is a key factor in embroidery. Choosing an improper needle will result in a broken or broken needle. This will not only waste resources, but also require extra manpower to wear needles.

The model of the computerized embroidery needle is usually divided into DB*K5(R)NY#6#14 needle. The smaller the number of needles, the smaller. However, the general flat rust uses the #11 needle on the thin material.

If you are embroidering leather, you need to use the 9th needle. This is because the sewing needle is less strong than the NY needle, so if a normal sewing needle is used, it may cause more broken needles. In addition, when performing three-dimensional embroidery, it is necessary to put a piece of Urethane (commonly known as "shoe glue") on the material before embroidering on the shoe glue. Therefore, the use of the #14 pin for stereo embroidery will be more suitable.

The 8th needle (60) is generally used for relatively small patterns. For example, the embroidery of a famous brand logo, the pattern is small, and the generated stitches will be concentrated in one place. At this time, if it is a needle with a relatively large needle number. If you want to embroider, then the large needle will cause a larger hole in the fabric, so that the small stitches will be trapped in the needle hole that moves up and down from the needle. In this way, the embroidered pattern will be unattractive, so It is recommended to use the 8th needle for embroidery. When embroidering with the 8th needle, the embroidery thread of 75D/2 is generally used for embroidery, because the line of 75D/2 will be thinner than the line of our usual 120D/2, so that The density of the plate increases, making the fine patterns look more clear, but the line will be more expensive, and the Seiko embroidery line will have 75D/2.

The 9th needle (65) is generally used in knitted fabrics, and in fabrics where holes are likely to occur during embroidery, generally thin fabrics are used. When we use the 9th needle to work on the flat needle pattern with a small needle stroke, the effect will be very good.

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