Computer embroidery common embroidery process

Update:13 Aug 2019

Embroidery We are divided into two categories: hand emb […]

Embroidery We are divided into two categories: hand embroidery and machine embroidery (computer embroidery). With the advancement and development of technology, some hand embroidery will gradually

It is replaced by machine embroidery, and the speed and precision of machine embroidery are difficult to do by hand embroidery. Let's take a look at the process of computer embroidery.

1. Flat embroidery

Flat embroidery is the most widely used embroidery in embroidery. As long as it can be embroidered, it can be used for embroidery.

2. Three-dimensional embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery (3D) is a three-dimensional pattern formed by embroidering EVA glue inside.

3. Appliqué embroidery

Appliqué embroidery uses the patch instead of the stitch to save the embroidery thread and make the pattern more vivid.

4. Carved hole embroidery

The cloth is pierced with a hole punching knife, and then the embroidery thread is used to wrap the hole to form a hole in the middle.

5. Sequin embroidery

Specimens of the same size and size are connected in series to form a rope-like material, and then embroidered on a machine to which the sequin embroidery device has been attached.

6. Toothbrush embroidery

Toothbrush embroidery is also called vertical embroidery. The embroidery method is the same as the three-dimensional embroidery. However, after the embroidery is cut off, the embroidery thread is naturally erected.

The above is our common computer embroidery embroidery process, followed by the update of technology, computer embroidery embroidery process is constantly updated.

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