Computer embroidery cloth shrinks during embroidery

Update:28 Mar 2020

Computer embroidery cloth is widely used in the current […]

Computer embroidery cloth is widely used in the current textile industry. It usually appears in the clothing industry, shoes and hats industry, art industry (calligraphy and painting, etc.) and accessories. Although it is widely used, slowly people find that there is a problem with computer embroidery, that is, shrinkage during embroidery, which affects the effect of computer embroidery. How should we solve the problems of this embroidery cloth?

When making a board, first of all, fix it, mainly using vertical padding to fix the embroidery fabric fabric; similarly, it can also be achieved by using an embroidery shed. Both of these methods are optional. When specific computer embroidery, you can choose according to their specific needs.

There are two ways to make embroidered cloth with a computer. One is to use a high-tech home computer embroidery machine. You download an embroidery style you like on the website, store it on a memory card, and then insert the memory card into the machine. The embroidery machine will automatically show you. Wanted embroidered cloth. The other is an industrial embroidery machine. This kind of embroidery machine has needles and is suitable for embroidering larger fabrics to make them look better. Most of the products currently on the market are made with this machine.

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