Classification of common computerized embroidery machines

Update:01 Jun 2020

Types of commonly used computer embroidery machines! (1 […]

Types of commonly used computer embroidery machines!

(1) According to the embroidery function

Generally, according to the embroidery function, it can be divided into: ordinary flat embroidery machine, sequin embroidery (single gold, double gold, stacked gold, four gold), towel embroidery, winding embroidery (rope embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, cap Embroidered garment embroidery, high-speed machine, etc. At the same time, there are high-end models with a variety of functions, such as three in one (flat embroidery + sequin embroidery + winding embroidery), four in one (flat embroidery + sequin embroidery + simple winding embroidery + Towel embroidery) etc. It combines ordinary flat embroidery, rope embroidery, sequin embroidery, towel embroidery and other special embroidery into one, and realizes the perfect combination of 6-color ring embroidery, multicolor flat embroidery, sequin embroidery, rope embroidery, etc. The embroidery is elegant, fashionable and three-dimensional. Strong, widely used in embroidery technology for clothing, curtains, bedding, handicrafts, etc., the application prospect is very broad.


(2) According to the machine head and needle number

a: It can be divided into single-head and multi-head machines (2-24 heads) according to the number of heads;

b: It can be divided into single needle and multiple needles (3-12 needles) according to the number of needles contained in each end;

c: It can be divided into plate type and barrel type in the form of feeding frame;

d: The stitches used for embroidery are divided into lock stitches (301 stitches) and chain stitches (101 stitches).

Because each model has such problems as the number of heads, the number of needles, the form of the frame, and the form of stitches, combining these and categorizing them, the embroidery type will be a large number, so it can meet different needs. The customer needs of the same level, the same scale and different requirements.

Computerized embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary era. It can realize the traditional hand embroidery with high speed and high efficiency, and can also realize the "multi-level, multi-function, unity and perfection" which cannot be achieved by hand embroidery. Claim. It is an electromechanical product embodying various high-tech technologies.

Computer embroidery machine structure

Computerized embroidery machine is mainly composed of mechanical system, transmission system and electric control system

The mechanical system is mainly composed of frame parts, box parts, cloth cutting mechanism, thread take-up mechanism, color changing mechanism, thread clamping mechanism, embroidery frame parts, hand pull switch box force, etc. The main motor of the transmission system is divided into servo motor and transmission Frequency motor, most of the servos used in domestic embroidery machines are Dahao servo systems. To ensure embroidery accuracy, the main motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake device. The main motor drives the lower shaft through a synchronous toothed belt, and the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through a sprocket, and the upper shaft drives the cloth arranging mechanism and the thread take-up mechanism. The lower shaft is driven by the bevel gear to drive the rotary shuttle and the thread trimming mechanism, thereby completing the lock sleeve of the embroidery bottom thread and the upper thread, and forming the embroidery stitch on the fabric.

Stepper motors in the X and Y directions controlled by the main control board respectively drive several sets of synchronous toothed belts, and the toothed splints drive the embroidery frame on the embroidery machine table, moving in the X and Y directions at a certain speed. Make sure that the fabric is embroidered with the same pattern as the embroidery pattern. The color change motor drives the needle bar box to move and replace the color of the embroidery thread.

The electric control system is composed of a power box, a control box, an operation keyboard box, a peripheral control board and execution components. The control system of the computerized embroidery machine can make the pattern automatically embroider repeatedly at the next position according to the instructions given to realize automatic repeated embroidery after the pattern is embroidered; when the embroidery exceeds the embroidery range, the machine will Automatic stop to protect the shed frame from overtravel; when the machine fails, the operation panel will display the wrong head shape and inform the failure. In addition, in the process of embroidery, it can realize functions such as automatic thread trimming, automatic hole digging embroidery, automatic detection of thread breakage, power failure protection, command skipping, automatic error stop, stitch compensation, cycle embroidery, and pattern output.

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