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Update:27 Jun 2019

If you are an embroidery factory with many computer emb […]

If you are an embroidery factory with many computer embroidery machines, will you pay attention to these details when you purchase and use these embroidery machines? These details determine whether the performance of the machine is excellent or not.

Detail 1: Trimming

When you cut the thread and make a good embroidery machine, when you cut the thread and then take the needle down, you usually take two or three stitches with a slow stitch to get the bottom line and no drop. A bad machine slow needle step requires about five needles to bring up the upper thread. Slow needle walking will affect the power, and the lower needle point will be obvious.

Detail 2: Silk fabric

Embroidering on very thin silk fabrics, some can not be padded, and some can not be glued paper, this time is a test of whether an embroidery machine is excellent. A good computer embroidery machine embroidered a small pinhole, less shrinkage, a smooth and beautiful pattern, and vice versa.

Detail 3: PV or leather

A good embroidery locomotive leather or PV will not form an embroidered body with a PV or dermis split, and vice versa.

Detail 4: Adaptability

A good computer embroidery machine should not only be able to thicken the car, but also be able to make thin materials. Because the customer does not know what kind of goods will be picked up, the good embroidery machine is very adaptable and compatible. Sex is very strong, and poor, such as embroidered thin materials, can not be embroidered thick, or can only be embroidered a little thicker, thin is not good.

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