Best home enterprise embroidery machine

Update:13 Apr 2020

Now that we know what we're looking for, it's time to r […]

Now that we know what we're looking for, it's time to review our suggestions.


1: Lejia four-needle embroidery machine (the best overall) including hat ring, script ring
Lejia embroidery machine is one of the more expensive machines we have examined, but it is one of the best embroidery machines suitable for private companies. This falls directly on the threshold of home machines and more powerful commercial machines.

This is the first home machine that uses four pins and allows you to set up a project and then switch to another job when the machine completes the first machine itself.

The large 12 x 9.7 inch embroidery area is compatible with 6 industry standard tires and the 4 tires provided to provide the largest selection of embroidery.

You can import your own design via USB connection software via a computer connection, and you can see what is happening on the clear 5-inch LCD. The speed of 2,000 stitches per minute is almost like having your own sweatshop, minus the inhumane condition.

Advantages: This machine can be used to manufacture protective helmets, uneven or inaccessible objects and objects that can be thrown at them.
With 50 built-in designs with USB ports, you can import your own designs. 10 built-in fonts. The four-pole design means fewer thread changes.


Disadvantages: expensive new business. If you already have a small business looking to expand, this is an ideal upgrade. Larger than comparable home / small business machines and requires its own space. It is also heavy and requires a solid surface.
Using a four-needle machine is more complicated, requires more knowledge of the operation and means a certain amount of trial and error when you learn.

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