Analyze the causes of computerized embroidery machine "crash"

Summary:The "dead state" of the computerized embroidery machine is: the needle bar is stuck in place (the embroidery frame does ...
The "dead state" of the computerized embroidery machine is: the needle bar is stuck in place (the embroidery frame does not move) while the computerized embroidery machine is working, and the lever is stopped, the buttons are invalid, or the machine is stopped in a certain state and no operation can be performed, etc. . The crashes are caused by the following reasons:

1. interference
Interference sources from the neutral line:
The interference of the system power supply mainly comes from the neutral line. If the user cannot provide a standard and reliable neutral line, the interference from the neutral line will occur immediately. In the design of the electronic control power supply, we have avoided the possible interference caused by the neutral line in the three-phase 380V power supply system. However, when the 220V power supply is used, the neutral line must be used. If the diameter is not enough, it may cause interference to the system. Therefore, the customer must be required to provide a standard and reasonable neutral wire.
Other interference:
The computerized embroidery machine is a complex system that combines electronic control and machinery with multiple execution components. In order to avoid mutual interference between components and ensure the stable, reliable and safe operation of the system, we have adopted complete shielding measures. In order to achieve effective shielding, it must be required The customer provides a standard ground wire. If there is no reliable ground connection, the system may crash.

2. Signal cables and connectors are loose
After the machine has been transported for a long distance or operated for a long time, it may cause loose cables or unreliable contact of the connectors. In this way, it may cause a crash during system communication. Although this situation is extremely rare, it should be used during machine maintenance and repair. Pay attention to the inspection of the connector.
3. The number of stitches stored in the memory exceeds the allowable value
When too many patterns are entered and the memory capacity is insufficient, the system may crash. At this time, please check the number of needles in the memory, save the temporarily unused patterns to a floppy disk, clear the unused patterns, and ensure the running space of the memory.

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