Analysis of the advantages of computer embroidery machine

Update:31 Oct 2019

1. Computer embroidery machine with LCD performance Thi […]

1. Computer embroidery machine with LCD performance

This kind of mechanical liquid crystal display screen has the same high resolution as usual. At the time of embroidering, the status of the famous name can be displayed at any time. It is possible to stop switching between the Chinese and English interfaces according to the actual situation, and the operation is abnormal. .

2. Can stop storing all kinds of famous halls

The computerized embroidery machine has a computer system that can store the famous halls of various patterns, and the capacity is abnormally large, so that it can be usefully improved in processing efficiency.

3. With the twist and zoom effect of the famous hall

Mingtang can stop twisting at random angles, and can also complete your reversal. In addition, the number of famous halls can be doubled, although it can be reduced by twice. The detailed scale still depends on the actual parameters of the embroidery machine, and it can also be decided. Stop zooming after completing the twist, or stop the zoom after stopping the zoom, so that you can satisfy more embroidery needs.

4. Can stop compiling and combining the famous church

The famous halls that exist in the computer system can stop compiling, and can also combine several different famous churches through various situations to form a brand-new name, which is extremely maneuverable and extremely convenient.

5. Able to stop repeated embroidery

The computerized embroidery machine can stop repeating the embroidery as usual, or it can stop repeating the embroidery in the departmental area. There are nine times in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the total embroidery can reach 81 times.

These strengths of the computerized embroidery machine are also the soft foundation of its growth. It has an unusually large promotion effect on the growth of embroidery, which enhances the consequences and accuracy of embroidery.

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